Should I stop reading about problems in the Church?

When does one decide it's time to grow rather than to fight? When is enough enough? When is walking away from something selfish, and when is it self-compassion? The other day I got completely told off by my teabag. It was a seemingly calm and innocent morning: I was sitting by the woodstove, enjoying a... Continue Reading →

Paddling My Own Canoe

God isn't in some far-off place that can only be found when we try really hard to change who we are. Nor does God dwell only in sanitized boxes that feel small enough, safe enough, and familiar enough to handle. And leaving the church or your former traditions you doesn't mean you're leaving the one place where God was, walking away from the divine and into the dark beyond.

When the Church Needs to Grow Up

People thought they were passing as being loving. Heck, maybe they thought they were being loving. But as an outsider, I could tell. I could smell the difference between love and fear a mile away. I knew the difference between having a real conversation and wanting to get your point across. I might not have acted like it in the moment, but I knew what was happening. I knew if people were scared.

Leaving My Church and Finding Myself

For the preceding few years I had belonged to a tight-knit church group where people didn’t really do things on their own. Not the big things, anyway. People didn’t just start a lifestyle that looked notably different than the rest of the other group members.

Set-Apart Femininity Review #7: If You Had Enough Faith, You Wouldn’t Have Depression

Twisting this to say that anyone who is a "real Christian" will see miraculous healings and a supernatural relief from burdens is not the gospel. Writing that people who struggle with their faith, health, mental health, relationships, etc. struggle because they just don't take their burdens to Jesus is not the gospel. You cannot take a gift and make it into a rule. That is not Christianity and never has been. 

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